Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The quilt, she is quilted. Lorraine used just three fabrics to create this lovely star quilt. The ivory white fabric, is slubbed, very textural with a lustre and it all quilted up very easily. It was quilted using a slightly variegated red/orange 40/3 YLI thread in the needle and a straight red 40/3 Signature thread in the bobbin and the result was pleasing. The pattern is Keryn Emmerson's 'Celtic Scroll'

The days are just packed, and suddenly it is Wednesday. For a moment there I thought that it was Tuesday, however that was yesterday. The green has just erupted and it's all gone a sickly green. The younger Sweeties think that it is lovely, however the sunbleached yellow of the grass was very restful on the eyes, and the garishness of the first grass is stunning. However the mere fact that it has rained is a godsend. The days are divine and the nights are cool, the capsicums are relishing the temperatures and fruiting their little hearts out. We ate the last cucumber for the season yesterday, however I have a great supply of spring onions, nasturtiums, two types of basil and a staggering amount of rhubarb. There might be a last bottling of rhubarb champagne as the lemons have started to fruit again.
Remember it's nearly broad bean planting time - ANZAC day


dot said...

What a beautiful quilt as is the one in the previous post.

Nicole and Phil said...

what gorgeous quilts in the last few posts!
I love your vegie patch too...I would love a vegie patch, but a bit difficult to do in an apartment! deep sigh!
that's one thing I will do straight away when we come back to Oz!!

Greenmare said...

oh that quilt is lovely!! It looks like spring flowers to me, but that may be wishful thinking on my part. At first I saw the white/pink apple blossoms I've been waiting for. I can't believe you are finishing your growing season and ours hasn't even started.

meggie said...

I wish I could have some of those veggies!!
Love the customer quilt & Keryn's design for the quilting. Those twins are so talented!!