Friday, 6 February 2009

A long time ago - like three months I last wrote to blogland and here we are in 2009. So happy new year and all the best. So what has been happening except that I'm not quilting and haven't for what seems a life time, not because I'm injured in any way, just because I'm taking a break and wearing a different hat. This is my tenth year of quilting for others and I need a break, so I have obtained a traineeship in horticulture and I get to be outside in all sorts of weather and generally sweat alot at the moment. Even my knees were sweating the other day and other bits that can't be mentioned in polite society. It was a doozy of a day, but hey it is summer and it is meant to be HOT. So yes I'm still here and enjoying life and this year I will get my garden back to looking like it used to and wash the floors and clean the house and not stay up very late and quilt for other people.