Sunday, 17 June 2012

Stop looking

Is this the same spot where Henry 'lost' his glasses a decade ago. In future I will just look here - I think this is where the fairies put things after they've used them.

Back home

Normal transmission through my windscreen.

Danger and excitement abit later

Well really the only d & a here has been jam splatter and I've been wielding a sharp knife with great results. When I get an opportunity to make strawberry jam I burn rubber. This is THE BEST JAM.

Danger and excitement in the afternoon

Well at 3pm guess what the bearded one and I were doing. Hmmmm don't answer that. I thought to myself wouldn't it be great if all my friends and family were here eating scones, cream and fresh strawberries. Ooooh and real coffee, remember that. Anyway I thought of you all and toasted you with a scone ladened with whipped cream and strawberries, should I say strawberries, cream and scones again? with a slurp of coffee. Heavenly. Wish you were all here.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Snapped this heading north, leaving the winter fogs and freezing temperatures for the sunnier, warmer climes of the Perth coastal plain, oh and dear, could you put the chooks away. Thank you.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ghost fungus

A couple of nights ago, whilst warding off cabin fever due to illness, DS1 and I went for a walk lateish at night to experience a night with no lights and we happened upon these. Not to be confused with ghoul fungus, THEY live off decomposing flesh or rather the ammonia. Omphalotus nidiformis are not edible and they glow in the dark. Never thought I would see such a thing, that's where the makers of Avatar must have got the idea from.

On the road again

Yay. Made it home for the storm. Both favorite sons are in Narrogin, however at least land 'phone lines and mobile service are now restored so they are contactable. Washed my hair, lights are on and a spot of washing is hanging up by the pot belly fire, drying. All's right with the world, and I hope that it is with you also.
When a child is learning to drive, there are perks. Especially on the long drives. This is just so good.

Friday, 8 June 2012

I just can't leave blogger alone, I have to crack the nut or at least part of it.

Part of me has always thought that we are what we eat, and these days with a purported 7 billion people on this lovely earth of ours, our food is grown and/or processed in ways that maybe somewhat compromised. Mad cow disease of course springs to mind.. As always my motto is to start at my own back door, or rather in my kitchen. Bring on sourdough, which over the years I have tried my damnedest to make, with amazingly heavy, dense paving stone replicas being the result. The boys have always said that it was the best, if they didn't say things like that I would pull rank on them and probably refuse to feed them. If you live in West Australia and want to make your own sourdough you can't go past
Yoke Mardewi at I have made wonderful loaves of bread, gorgeous pizzas and even delicious sourdough chocolate cakes.

Still fascinated with this blogger app, just trying to link it to Facebook. Of course I've googled it and got some instructions, however my 'flu addled brain is ............... somewhat addled and things aren't making sense. Maybe tomorrow

Wouldn't this make a lovely quilt? The colours are just divine. There are so many quilts to make, sometimes it gets a bit daunting with all the ideas and it all wears me down. However it's the colours, the calculations of size and yardage, working out the piecing and then the keystone that it all hangs off, the quilting, because as you all know that piecing is the the character of the quilt and quilting is the soul.
I was reading Bonnie Hunter's blog via Facebook where she mentioned that there was an app, there's always an app, for blogger (or bugger as it is sometimes referred to) so here I go. If it doesn't work there's delete.
Test, the first one went to the wrong blog

Monday, 13 February 2012

Well here we are organising the 11th Boddington Field of Quilts. The disclaimer forms and stall holder application, to name a few, are being updated and tweaked.  The feature quilter has yet to be confirmed as well as the prize for most popular quilt.  So what have we done.  Hmmm, the date is Sunday, 30th Septemberv2012, 10am - 4pm, entry $5.