Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Oh Bugger Blogger you really are trying my patience today.  Here is one of the seven photos that I uploaded this morning to show the wonderful houseboat weekend that we had on the Murray River, West Australia, in early October.  I must be doing something wrong - like holding my mouth in a smile or something.  Pretty wretched stuff.

P.S.  Jeana if you are reading this, the wheelbarrow is FANTASTIC.  I used it last night for the first time to help me plant a fig tree and I was delighted with it's lightness and sturdiness.  As I am older now, the wheelbarrow that Tim bought me for Christmas, the first year that we were here, is heavy although well made, and has has some hard use transporting small boys, canoes, picnics, manure, water, cement and really the list is endless. So thank you so much Jeana.  It even has a hole in the handle were I can keep my divining rod to work out the best place to plant trees.  Nyx

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

It's a amazing what 40 years difference in age will do.  The youngest Sweetie had been off at a birthday party/sleepover/motor bike fest overnight, unfortunately the Hostel Boy came down with a lurgy and was in no fit state to ride hither and yonder so had to stay home and vomit and sleep, meanwhile the youngest is full of stories and covered in dust and so t....i.....r.....e.....d.  I picked him up and got him home where I said 'right - shower, clean pajamas and bed for a nap'.   Which he has done under extreme duress.  Whereupon the Hairiest Sweetie said 'could you say that to me?' 

Monday, 2 November 2009

Niki and the Strippers met on Saturday - although it must hve been cold as there weren't too many of us there.  This is what we did.  It was meant to be Scrappy Trip, although there was some leftovers from the Scrappy Bargello there as well.  Well whatever works.

I'm working on a spiderweb block, using the rule and Kaye England DVD that I bought ages ago.  The first block has been sitting up on my orphan block wall for over a year.  The DVD is such great value and a real laugh as well.  It's another way to use up that stash and make a fun quilt without too much angst.  The blocks are made using 21/2" strips sewn into stratas and then cut using the Kaleidescope rule.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Love is..... is coming along - sometimes all the problems in the world are sorted out when I have done bit of redwork.  I forget the peace that settles.