Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Balingup Small Farm Field Day

Every year, around the end of April, we head down to Balingup for a day of interesting things and boys passing their personal bests on the Scout's climbing wall.

The journey down, ~200k, was interesting with us listenng to the last couple of discs of Clive Cussler's Black Wind. Saw a couple of Mopokes at close range and heaps of spiders on the road. How do we know that they are spiders? Because we know these things. Spiders' eyes reflect light and we find what appears to be the same spider in the same position, night after night.

We camped the night at the Kirup (where they make THE most delicious pies, as well as the infamous Kirup Syrup). At 9.45pm I was playing I Spy with my two sons, in the tent, in the dark trying to get them to sleep. Consequently I was not up and at them really well that morning, being in a tent with an octopus all night was exhausting. Octupus = 2 boys.

There was a quilt show as well, however you lucked out as I left my camera in the car, and I wasn't @#$%^ walking all the way back for it.

On the way home we stopped(ha!) and it was right by the Bibbulmun(Bloody Long) Track so I took a photo, to remind of the times when I used to walk the track, when I didn't have so many attachments.

This is my attempt to use up those pieces of fabric that have been annoying the heck out of me for such a long time. You know those ones that are either in 2m pieces and are as ugly as sin, or those 2x6" strips that just might come in useful. My friend Kathy is on the task as well, so at leaast I have company along the road.


Rhonda said...

The field trip looked fun and what a beautiful day. And don't those scraps seem to grown. Enjoyed your blog.

swooze said...

Thanks for sharing your family adventure! I loved all the pics. Your quilty project looks nice. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Greenmare said...

I love all your quilts!!!!
but, spiders in the road? piles of spiders???
I'll just gaze adoringly at your quilts and pretend the spiders don't exist

Harmany Quilting said...

Thanks for all your comments - we did have a great day/weekend. I'm really looking forward to the project finishing as well, my friend has completed 29 of the Irish Star blades, so I have a bit of catching up to do. With regard to the spiders, although I think that you may have a bit of phobia about them greenmare, they are spaced out with about 3m between creatures. I use to think that they were droplets of water glistening in the grass, however my oldest son told me that they were spiders. So everytime I walk to work at night I see them now, it's not like they will come over and rip my leg off - they are just spiders over there waiting to catch some food and I try very hard not to step on them.

Jeanne said...

Your blocks sure don't look ugly! You have found a great way to pretty up those leftover pieces.