Friday, 14 August 2009

Add VideoA voice from the ether - I'm still here, although I have not had any time to sit at the computer to even surf the blogs that I like to read, let alone keep updating mine. I have been madly quilting and working and driving and cooking and cleaning - you know all the stuff we have to do - and thoroughly enjoying it all, just a bit strapped for time to sit at the computer and look gorgeous, I just have to run around and do that. Ha!

The July school holidays have been and hooned by. The younger gorgeous ones and I spent several days up the coast a bit ~700kms away and had a great time. Even managed to hook up with Blogless Kathy and her family, TWICE, as at that time we were only ~60kms apart instead of the usual 200kms.
The Pinnacle Boy in his natural element.

Emu Farm Wind Farm, just out from Cervantes heading towards the Great Northern Highway

This is of Port Gregory one of the places that we stayed on our holiday. Lovely spot.
Felt a bit like Superman in Port Gregory as one of the two places where the mobile 'phone would work was in the 'phone box. People sure gave me some weird looks as they drove past and saw me talking on my mobile in the 'phone box.

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