Sunday, 24 January 2010

Well the last couple of months have been busy and enjoyable.
The boys completed another successful school year and both made the observation that the year went too quickly.  The youngest Sweetie has decided that when he was younger, time went slowly and the fridge was always full of food.  Now that he is older, time gallops and there is never any food in the fridge.

This is a bag that I made out of scraps for Blogless Kathy and filled it with goodies and sent her for Christmas.

After Christmas we headed down to Albany for some much needed R&R for all the family.  Three of us took part in courses at the Albany Summer School and the Hostel Boy started a diving course.  The Hairiest Sweetie was enrolled in Metal Sculpture and the Youngest Sweetie and I had a crash course in ukelele.  It was utterly fantastic and exciting and FUN

We were also able to catch up with some great friends who live down there - always wonderful.

I have also started a new job at the local Hospital after much badgering by friends and I am thoroughly enjoying it although we are understaffed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nicola

Hope you are not going to tire yourself out too much working at the hospital and quilting.

Often look at your blog to see how you and the boys are going.

Sandra (from Mittagong and with mutual friend of Blogless Kathy)
from the Eastern States