Wednesday, 12 May 2010

It's a bit cold and damp here in Paradise - my faithful hot water bottle sprung a leak.  Never to worry - there are another three in the cupboard awaiting to make their debut.  Will it be another blue one, or the purple or red one?  Quite warm outside and really rather chilly in the bedroom, I can see that I will have to go outside to get some warmth.

Just had a call from Hostel Boy, I love to hear his voice, unfortunately he has hurt his hand and needs an xray.  Initially it was for 3pm TOMORROW.  I rang the Hostel and said that I thought that was too long, which thankfully they agreed with me, and they did the heavy and he is in for 3.45pm today.  From what he has said I think that it is heavily bruised.  Better to be safe than sorry.  I still get a feeling of joy when I hear his voice on the 'phone, will that feeling be replaced with that of trepidation?

This a group of us working at our local Arts Council on a quilt made for a very dear friend whose son died recently.

And the final quilt and we finally gave it to her yesterday.  Many tears.

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Meggie said...

What a beautiful quilt for your friend, and given with such sincerity. Am glad your son's hand is ok.