Friday, 20 August 2010

So long ago, three months go so quickly, when I last posted.  I now work seven days out of every fortnight, for the sake of my childrens' education, and the fact that they are ten hour days doesn't leave much room for the important and routine parts of my life. 

This morning I have been browsing the photos and doing the feel good thing, and I came across this picture.  Not a particularly AMAZING quilt, but seven of the eight blocks were made by friends, and it isn't even finished, but I like it.  It has made me wake up and come to a realisation.

What I have realised, besides working out that my job is a thankless; mind numbingly boring; repetitive; and did I say thankless job, that I have to sew on a regular basis.  For a while there I was taking my hexagons to work and sewing at morning tea. it was great but I wanted to keep on sewing and the longing to was making me even more grumpy and restless.  So I have to clear a space; tidy up; and get motivated to give back to myself that spring in my step and my tonic that keeps me going through the rough patches.  Sewing and quilting irons out all the wrinkles in my soul and soothes the troubled spaces in my mind.  Have a good one, and for your own sake, do something that gives you Bliss. 

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Meggie said...

So true!
I have still not got back to my sewing, apart from making my daughter a ring pillow for her wedding day.
I have counselling now, and find it is so helpful, in getting persepective on so many aspects of my present life.
Your quilt looks lovely.