Friday, 8 June 2012

I just can't leave blogger alone, I have to crack the nut or at least part of it.

Part of me has always thought that we are what we eat, and these days with a purported 7 billion people on this lovely earth of ours, our food is grown and/or processed in ways that maybe somewhat compromised. Mad cow disease of course springs to mind.. As always my motto is to start at my own back door, or rather in my kitchen. Bring on sourdough, which over the years I have tried my damnedest to make, with amazingly heavy, dense paving stone replicas being the result. The boys have always said that it was the best, if they didn't say things like that I would pull rank on them and probably refuse to feed them. If you live in West Australia and want to make your own sourdough you can't go past
Yoke Mardewi at I have made wonderful loaves of bread, gorgeous pizzas and even delicious sourdough chocolate cakes.

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