Monday, 28 May 2007

Last week I went up to the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair. It was soooo good. Here are two photos
taken on two different cameras to show off our attributes. Mereth England in the centre looks divine, and Kathy, on the right looks asleep on the job , and I look relatively normal on the left. Whereas in the other photo, Mereth and Kathy look wonderful and I look like a hunchback in grey. Take your pick - I couldn't choose. The photo was taken outside the APQS stand which my friend Sue Morris was running. It was great to see Sue again and for her to bring the quilting machines to Perth.

This was the quilt that won. Truly lovely - over
the past few years the quilts that tend to win are
pictorial. Shoot me down if you think otherwise, however there is a trend away from traditional quilts that have won.

Just a few photos so as to get the general ambiance of the show. There was a group of us that went up on a bus organised through the local Arts Council here. So my friend Diane and I sat together and talked all the way there and back and it was great to catch up with Diane. We live about 2ks away from one another and hardly see one another, crazy.

Went and listened to a ralk on colouring stitcheries with lead pencils. They reckon that Prismacolour pencils are the go, however as I have 72 Derwent pencils I'll try them first.

My youngest son and his coach proudly showing his player of the Match Certificate.


mereth said...

Hello there! Thanks for putting the photos on your blog, I think I look freaky and you two look nice. Eye of the beholder and all that stuff. After all that chat I never even got to see the quilt show, so I'm grateful you put some photos up. Love the winning one, but you're right, the traditional quilts semmed to have drifted away.From the prizes at least.
I'm one bus ride away from home, I'm looking forward to my own bed, and tomorrow I'll gloat on my western australian stash that came home with me.Next time I come over we'll definitely plan something together!

Harmany Quilting said...

Sleep well Mereth, and everyone will be so pleased to see you. I'll see you next time.