Thursday, 10 May 2007

When life gets in the way

Life has been turned upside down here - there
have been mornings when I lurched out of bed already looking forward to going back to bed at night. My two boys are now going to a school ~30kms away where it will be better for them. There are 18 children in the entire school and 10 in their class. Very friendly and quiet. They appear to be having great days, with individual attention when they need it.

Just a picture to show you that I have been working, albeit rather early and rather late, however the quilt top are getting quilted and returned to their delighted owners. Yipppeee!
This is Rudolf the lead reindeer, the other photos are rather blurry as I took them in low light as, how unusual, it was late at night and the flash washes away the effect of the quilting.


swooze said...

Cute quilt! Would love to see more pics. On the kid front I agonize over the attention they get. I am sure as parents we will likely not get a 100% match but if we keep looking we can get good enough. Our school year ends in 2 weeks and I am so looking forward to it!

Harmany Quilting said...

They were all a bit blurry - maybe if I make them smaller the blur will go! I hope that you all have a great holiday from school - we always have a ball. No school, no routine, be together all day, ride bikes, bliss. Thinking of you in the sun.