Thursday, 13 September 2007

Some Quilts

Before I start - sorry about the shadows across the quilts. Margaret W makes lovely quilts and mostly for her grandchildren. Lucky grandchildren.

This first one is quilted with Starflower. Very pretty quilting pattern and patchwork pattern. Quilting pattern is by Lorien Quilting (see side bar) and patchwork pattern is called 'He Loves Me He Loves Me not' by Material Possessions i was thinking of doing this pattern myself only larger and I just happen to have several metres of damask which is needed for the flowers. I think that I would do mine in pink, orange and lime green. I'll see.

This second quilt, also by Margaret, is called.......I seem to have forgotten however (Chelsea Bloom Lap Quilt), make it and I have the pattern for this too. One day I will make it. I quilted with Lorien Quilting's Fanciful Feathers I think.