Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Those Moments

Why am I photographing a sock and it isn't a hand knitted one? Hmmm. In our family there are three males and a lone female (me). Life is always good, much laughter and a glossing over of the finer details. All they need is food, love, food and did I mention food? We all wear the same type and size of socks because the sock fairy nicks socks and we end up with the odd green, red or white sock. So I buy 20 pairs of All Day Socks in size 7-10 and the sock department is covered. This allows for those that get caught on bike chains, fences and get eaten by the sock fairy. Well my oldest son, who shall remain nameless, however he knows who he is, has those kind of feet that I know when he gets in the car, said to me the other day "Oh I thought that because they were all day socks that the 7-10 meant that you could wear them for 7-10 days'. Point taken.