Saturday, 1 December 2007

Slight Hiccup

Well you know when I said that I had 26 quilt tops to quilt, well I miss counted and there were 28. Aaaagh. I have put it down to having the 'flu and able to only do one thing. That is breathe. So after that slight oversight, I think that there are 14 now. This week has been somewhat slower and I have done some cleaning and baked some cakes.

The first photo is of a quilt that was what I call 'overfriendly', it waved everywhere. It is so important to measure the quilt before sewing any sashings or borders and then cut them to fit. Measure, measure measure.

I cut and pressed three bindings for a friend's quilts. They were 8, 10 and 12m respectively. I really do love making bindings.

I using Deb Geissler patterns on all my friend's quilts. Very lovely patterns, however the rows take over an hour to quilt. Subsequently the donga has been tidied and I have moved my bicycle and wind trainer down there so at least I get a bit of exercise. This pattern is of motorbikes.

Last Thursday we went on an excursion to a place that grows and supplies plants for nurseries and large hardware conglomerates here in West Australia. A real eye opener. Masses of poinsettias ready for the Christmas markets and the chrysanthemums on their way for the Mother's Day Market in May. All these are grown hydroponically in their pots and then sold to the retail markets. Later that day we were at the large hardware shop, that in this family we call the 'hammer shop', and there were some of the grower's plants. Amazing. I know that I used to think of plants as kind of all soft and feel good, however it is a huge, HUGE industry that aims for certain markets, just like the supplying of spring lambs, and goes for massive production just like a crop of canola, wheat, etc. Hhhmmmmm. Very interesting.


Helen in the UK said...

Love that funky tiger's print binding!! My mum buys a poinsettia every year, but although I love them I hate it when they die off so I don't bother. Fantastic to see a whole greenhouse of them :)

jeanette said...

Hi! My first visit to your blog. It´s lovely!! You post very beautiful pictures.A dear friend of mine lives in WA (near Perth)and 4 years ago, christmas 2003, me and my family finally got to visit your wonderful country...loved every minute of our 3 week stay :)))

meggie said...

My mother had a poinsettia growing beside her back door. It seemed impossible to kill. Accidents kept happening to it, but it always sprang back to life.
I am not so keen on them, & I dont know why. (I didnt sabotage my mother's though!)