Monday, 17 December 2007

Thoughts of a Consumed Mind

Hmmm at the moment my mind is as busy as Piccadilly Circus and as vast as the desert. The thoughts are weighty and focused and then .......... a breath of fresh air comes wafting in brought on the empty calories of CHOCOLATE as I stand there ironing yet another thing - DO NOT EAT CHOCOLATE WHILST IRONING. Don't ask how I worked this one out.

The tall blonde mice are terrorising the 'fridge and anything else that stands still. They are making cameo appearances at the sink to wash dishes. As with any cameo role, they look good, however they are as much use as 'tits on a bull'.


meggie said...

How intriguing... who are these tall blonde mice??

I think I get the chocolate part.
Gom has a passion for chocolate, & now I find I have to check his clothing before we venture out, lest he is wearing smears of melted goodness.

Harmany Quilting said...

Tall blonde mice are the ones that I gave birth to, also known as sweeties. Probably worse than mice as they can open the fridge and plastic containers and leap small buildings

meggie said...

Hope you are enjoying this festery season. LOL.

Just popped in to wish you a Joy & Love filled year in 2008.
Happy New Year.

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the tip about ironing and chocolate!