Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Last Christmas BK gave me a Clover Needle Threader. Hmmm I thought, she must think that I'm infirm and blind. Most affronted I was, however now I'm so glad that I have one as it saves me time and although I have been selling these items for a couple of years I have never really used one in everyday sewing.

I have suggested them for my older friends whose arms never seem to be long enough for them to thread a needle, and now I would recommend them for everyone and they come in some lovely colours. If you see one ask for a demo and you will be amazed, however always buy Clover as they are the best. They are also great to take on aeroplanes as there is a cutter included in the device. So if the fabric is cut out all you have to do is cut the thread, no fumbling for scissors or snips and no stabbing when you do find the wretched things.

On another note, the mornings here have been fraught with danger and excitement. The Hairiest Sweetie, bless him, has been leaving for work very early in the morning. When I say early I mean early and he has been experimenting with the alarm on his mobile 'phone. After alternating between the 'Can-Can' and the '1812 Overture', with cannons, I know I heard them, I am near to performing homicide. I managed to edit his alarm the other morning and it was a persistent 'beep' which allowed me to fall back to sleep quite quickly, and honestly at that time of the morning there is no need to invite the Philharmonic Orchestra into the bedroom to help get him out of bed.
Reminds of this clip out of Wallace and Gromit's The Wrong Trousers. There is a bit of commentary from Nick Park and it's a bit blurry and the porridge scene is missing, however you'll get the general gist of what I feel like at that obscene hour of the morning when I have had another wretched night.

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meggie said...

Sorry but I laughed when I read this post! Love the way you did the orchestra.