Thursday, 24 July 2008

Our friend the Librarian had a slight problem, with her silt trap into her dam, so the boys came to the rescue and dug THE PANAMA CANAL. We were powered by the Librarian's minestrone soup; lovely Armenian Nutmeg cake and a couple cups of tea.

Rupert the Wonder Dog was very much in evident as a supervisor and only stick catcher.

The Middle Sweetie was the main power house behind the breaching of the dam(n) wall.

I just love the photos that TL took, especially the last one.

We went again today to see if the water had risen and the youngest Sweetie's markers were under water. This weekend we are meant to have a storm with ~100mm of rain. The Librarian has connected her overflow from her house rain water tank and that should now flow into the dam(n) and hopefully catching more water than it ever has in its existence.

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meggie said...

Great pics!!