Saturday, 2 August 2008

Yippee - yesterday was mine and the quilting.
For the past three or so months I have three jobs and now I'm down to two, and the relief is great. I gave up teaching FirstClick, which is a government funded computer literacy programme, designed to encourage adults of all ages to become computer literate. It's not that they weren't great people, I just needed more time at home and quilting and the quilts have really been really mounting up. And the state of my house is AMAZING, remember that I live very three very gorgeous Sweeties. However now the pressure is off, I'll be able to spend more time quilting and making the customers happy (and cleaning the house and cooking and generally being there for everyone and I might be able to leave the house at some stage and spend time with other women who sew). Which is the bottom line. Cleaning I mean, not the sewing. When I not sewing it's what I think about. And camping. By a river.
I remember meeting a very nice photographer who was taking photos of the river here, and he was saying that his hobby was fishing and that he would love to throw a line in and have a fish. I asked if he fished very often and he said 'not as much as (he) would like, although he spent a lot of time thinking about it'. It had me thinking about these things that people did as their hobbies, which I call passions, and that the time spent thinking about them was just as important time spent doing them

Finished another quilt the other night, so it was a late night, I however went to bed pleased.

The next quilt off the ranks is the Boddington Arts Council, however it has rained and rained and rained and the backing is on the line permanently wet, so I might have to slip a panto in to fill up the gap while the backing dries.

Which one though?

This is one of the latest from Hermoine Agee's Lorien Quilting. It's called Nouveau Feathers and was part of the digital pattern club that Hermoine has every month.

I have had a bit of a win with B#$%^&&, I have been doing a bit of work with the 'edit HTML' screen and have been able to fine tune and put in spaces that B^&*()(* recognises. Hurray. The other day however I received an email from B&**()((* telling me that my sight was a potential source of spam. Hah! So I went in and investigated and it was true, the site was under review and would be closed down if I didn't acknowledge the review. All sorted, however it was all a bit of a mystery.


Greenmare said...

oh I really LOVE that blue and white one!!! it reminds me of something very pleasant in my past, but I can't think what. Really it gave me a great feeling just to see the picture!!!

meggie said...

I just wrote a comment, then forgot to send it! Duh!
A lot of us had problems with Blugger!
A lot are changing, & if I knew how, I would too.
Love both those quilts!!