Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Oh where have I been?

The time has flown and to quote one of my favourite book titles - 'The Days Are Just Packed'.

I have been quilting LOTS and working and cleaning and cooking and at times not even been here.

We even went to a PARTY.

On the way home we stopped and spent some time just being on Sullivan's Rock, which I might add was still cold to sit on. The people are saying that spring here, well it hasn't penetrated Sullivan Rock yet.

The younger sweeties were buzzing after their weekend and as I couldn't contemplate another 45minutes with them in the car with that amount of energy, and that volume, we stopped and gave them a run. There is nothing harder trying to drive when tired and there is a youth fest in the back of the car. Hang it all, just stop and let them run. My mother had many sayings and one of them was 'that it was better to arrive..............' Mum never completed the phrase when she used it, it was always left unsaid and somehow more poignant for it.

The air is very special on those rocks, very cleansing and uplifting.

We then all piled into the car and arrived home.

I was just thinking that it was rather squashed in the back of the car, where they were and there was a roll of batting in the back as well. We do have a station wagon, albeit what they call a 'tourer', however we had to put one of the back seats down to fit the roll in and they were sitting cheek by jowl. Within poking distance of one another. Hmmmm, how boys like to poke and laugh and be happy.


mereth said...

Ah, Calvin and Hobbes; so much wisdom in those books.....
I well remember the poking and prodding and wrestling and headlocks- why do they have to be in contact with each other like that,ALL the time? Guess it's one way of showing brotherly love!

Karen said...

Very pretty quilt.