Sunday, 31 August 2008

After our great climb of two weeks ago, a group of us decided that we would climb Mt Cooke. So yesterday we climbed Mt Cooke(d). In 2003 a fire resulting from a lightning strike, blazed through a large area that included Mt Cooke. Five years later some of the area is still struggling to revegetate. Some areas they say will never recover. Rocks like this one, are looking normal. This is because their mass is so big, they were not heated and retained their lichen and moss growths. Smaller rocks were heated to the point where all plant life was burnt off and even today remain clean of any plant life.

Looking up the south side and to the rock in the centre, which forms the cave that provided much excitement and interest to us, especially the younger members of our party.

These walkways have been constructed to protect the fragile faces of the rock.

Looking south from the south side of Mt Cooke.

Writing all our names in the book that was under the rock. The book was found placed in a crevice in the cave and as it was started in 2001, would suggest that the book survived the fire.

Coming out of the cave.

The oldest youngest Sweetie with the Farmer.
The Waugal viewed through the 'leaves' of a grass tree.
These are some of the rocks that were affected by the fire's heat and remain clean of any growth.

Looking North at Mt Vincent and Mt Cuthbert, the two 'mountains' that we climbed a fortnight ago.

Looking north to the north side of Mt Cooke.

Travelling along the track towards the new Mt Cooke hut. The old hut was completely destroyed by the blaze, and a new one has been built to provided shelter for Bibbulmun Track walkers.

This is another part of the Bibbilmun Track that is accessible from the Albany Hwy, just south of Sullivan's Rock. The scenery is superb and this walk was far easier than our walk of a fortnight ago. We rested often and just looked at the view, and then climbed further up the slope. It wasn't hard just high in parts. These photo's were snapped by the Librarian, the youngest Sweeties and myself. Just such a lovely day, with great company.


Ali Honey said...

I enjoyed your outing. I love the idea of having a secreted book to write your name in if you visit there.

Greenmare said...

oh gorgeous pictures! makes me really wish I was there!!!

meggie said...

Thanks for sharing your travels, I enjoyed it too. I love old rocks, & often think of the stories they could tell about their eons of existance.