Monday, 10 November 2008

Here is another from a long time ago. The words are gentleness, love, peace, goodness, patience, self-caring, joy, faithfulness, kindness, however I think that it needs the word humour stitched into it somewhere. All the words are very admirable, however humour would be the thing that gives it the spark and make all okay.

The door is between the front lounge and the kitchen and is our old front door that the four of us sanded back and oiled one afternoon. The builders of the house made it from the leftover Jarrah floorboards, from when they built our house in the 1930s. The toilet door was also of the same construction and made at the same time. It is one of the features of this style of house that the dunny (toilet) door would be made from the leftover boards. The hairiest Sweetie built the door frame, side light and hung the door to block off the rest of the house as I used to quilt in the front lounge and had people dropping and picking up quilts. They were quite nosy at times and would take off for a tour of the house! So a door was the best option and then I knew that the youngest Sweeties could be vegged out on the couch without complete strangers walking through and conversing with them. Remember humour - it's always important. As are the other things on the stitchery.


julieQ said...

Love your stitchery! I love the added word humor too. Wonderful place to put it, too.

meggie said...

Love the door, & the thought about humour being so important!
I am always surprised at how nosey some people are! How rude! Glad you solved the problem.

cathy said...

I wish I could read what the sayings are. Why are they so teeny tiny on my computer screen?!?!?!