Wednesday, 5 November 2008

This is the redwork quilt that I have been talking about and another of those projects that I started when everything was a lot younger. This was probably started sometime in 2003/2004 when I fell in love with Bronwyn Hayes' work. The original quilt was smaller, however we have the technology to make things bigger so I did, and I remember stuffing up with one of the blocks and it wasn't increased at the same rate as the others, but hey what the heck I'm a big girl now so I just fudged the piecing when I came to put it all together.The later quilting is freehand. All the earlier stuff was done on the Compuquilter, and that includes the crosshatching over the embroidery. If I was to do it again I would freehand everything, except for the crosshatching on the embroidery. The crosshatching on the 'patch' border I would freehand. I have had my Compuquilter now for almost three years and I have worked out what it is good at and what I am good at and enjoy doing.
The blocks were completed quite quickly, over a few months, as they were very transportable as all I needed was the fabric, a pair of scissors, the thread and a needle.
The machine piecing of the bits around the blocks took the time and then I couldn't find what I wanted for the outer border and then there had to be the extra outer corner blocks.
The chooks on the original quilt both faced the same way so I changed that.

This is the only cat that I will ever own.

I love ticking so when I saw a piece on special I bought it and thought that it was serendipity. Ticking was used for mattress covers, however in my many and varied readings I have read that it was used for the firing of cannons. The spacing of the stripes had to do with the rate of burning or something like that. I should really find out more. The curved quilting on the stripes is different and a bit on the wild side. It works to a degree and breaks up the lines.

I just love the freehand feathered swags in the borders. This time I had the feathers alternating direction and that worked really well too. Previously, on other quilts, I have had the feathers going the same way all around the quilt.

All the thread on this quilt is Aurifil and that includes the redwork. Lovely thread for every occasion.

There was from another project that Bronwyn did and I think it was for a pillow case if I remember rightly. I just thought that it suited this quilt so I made one as an afterthought. As you can see I was very enthusiastic in 2006, and thankfully my enthusiasm carried through until now and I now have this beautiful quilt.

The reason that there is no quilting on this piece is that there is no label on the quilt (yet). It will go behind this label on the back of the quilt and then I will quilt over this piece. Well that's the plan - hopefully before the end of the year.


Ali Honey said...

You should be proud of that. I think it has turned out beautifully. The red work is lovely and the colours you have chosen to go around it are just right. BIG TICK!

Kathy Wagner said...

BEAUTIFUL! WOW! Love the quilt... and the quilting is spectacular!!

Chookyblue...... said...

wow love this esp the chooks.........