Saturday, 12 January 2008

Happy New Year

Just to wish you all a Safe and Happy New Year, I'll share my easy to make Rhubarb Champagne recipe with you. This recipe is so easy to make you'll all probably think that it can't be so, yet it tastes delicious and is just the thing for the end of a hot day. It is alcoholic, so do the right thing and don't drink and drive, although I have seen it as declared a refreshing drink for children. Hmmm, probably refreshing for the children's parents as the children lie around asleep. We are extremely pleased as we grew this rhubarb in our hydroponic system.

Rhubarb Champagne

3.5 cups (1kg) chopped rhubarb
1 lemon, sliced
3.5 cups sugar
150ml vinegar
5l water

Mix in a bucket, cover with a cloth to keep the ferment flies and dust out, and stand for 48 hours. Strain and bottle in sterilised cool drink bottles. It makes about 5l. A note about the bottles, they will expand greatly. Do not keep for too long as it gets very gassy. Start drinking it after about a week and before about 6 weeks. It does get bitter after a length of time. It is a short lived, easily to consume drink. Chill well before opening and either open outside or over the sink just in case it spurts.

I used to make this is glass bottles and it was too dangerous with them exploding at the drop of a leaf.

Tomorrow I have to find my Elderflower Champagne recipe so I'll share that one with you as well. That is what we had at our wedding for our drink, very nice and refreshing too.

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