Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The disappearing nine patch appeared for a short time yesterday and is turning into an epic. Probably because I missed several sewing days, and I was hoping to be further along than I am. Focused and disciplined are not words that could be used to describe me, however I am trying very hard to take UFOs to sewing days and finish them. So far I have managed to finish two projects. Next week I will have another go and see how far I progress. My idea to to take only UFOs to the sewing days and yes I am allowed to sew them on other days, however I am also allowed to start other projects, in that I have to complete at least one block. My theory behind this idea is that I could end up with a heap of orphan blocks which could also be made into a quilt.
Well I was down to just one Sweetie last night, so we went out on a frog hunt and listened for different frogs. This wee beastie (see above) and several hundred of his kind were very much in evidence last night. He is known as a Moaning Frog (Heleioporus eyrei) for his call go to this link.

We also heard several Banjo Frogs (Limnodynastes dorsalis) see above. These sound like a banjo string being plucked and I will endeavour to find one to record as it is quite distinctive. There was another frog last night that was quite elusive and coming from two differnet directions and quite far off. See how we go tonight, although I think I've got extra sweeties here tonight as well as all mine. I could take them on a frog hunt, however it will be a matter of keeping them quiet. 'Sweeties' and 'quiet' = mutally exclusive.


Greenmare said...

I'm also working on a disappearing 9 patch. Mine is all in greens, but I have to say I love your color choices!!! One of the first signs of spring for us is to hear the peepers, they aren't peeping yet. I bet you know what they are actually called though. I don't, we just call them peepers. Soooooooooo noisy once they get going!!

Rhonda said...

That was a scary sound for such a little froggy........LOL.....Love your disappearing nine patch project.

Helen said...

Your colours in this D9P are yummmy! Can't wait to see it struck off the UFO list!