Sunday, 13 April 2008

Friday was a great day as not only was it the last day of the first school term (where has the time gone?) it was the day of servicing for sewing machines in our town. Three very brave sewing machine mechanics, they are some of my favourite people, make their way to our town and sit for the whole day servicing our sewing machines EVERY YEAR. This year I had these two serviced, next year it will be the treadle and the Pfaff. The Pffornicator has had a hard time getting sewing lately and now ........she's sewing like a young thing. I won't say 'like she did when she was new' because it was crap, however now because of the yearly servicing and tweaking, she is a dream and no longer a nightmare. If my machines go away for servicing, I miss them so much so this set up is ideal.
These are those wonderful White Tailed Black Cockatoos that fly around our district and they were feeding on the honky nuts that come off the Marri (Eucalyptus calophylla or Corymbia calophylla) and they were literally on the side of the road. Soooo.....we stopped and the boys took many photos. A really big parrot, huge birds, huge beaks. Just so lovely.
Unfortunately this is not a good photo however, I quilted this quilt for the the mother of one of the owners of Kraft Daze. A lovely shop with lots of gorgeous fabric and happening patchwork workshops in Maddington, West Australia and the staff are so wonderfully helpful. I'm a bit biased as they also sell other craft lines eg. knitting and other things that people do. Doesn't that sound so lame, I'm not interested in other crafty things that people do, so unfortunatley I haven't remembered. Ah I know that they sell lace. They have recently taken over the lease of the shop next door so their workshop space is HUGE and of course the old workshop area is now used for more fabric.

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meggie said...

Wow! I wish I could visit, because i love that quilt! I also love 'other stuff' even if I no longer do it or need it.
Thanks for all your photos!!