Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Over the weekend is was particularly exciting here, we not only had visitors, and a teenage birthday but a fire as well. All a bit hairy and eyeopening. It was a bout a kilometre to the south of us and the wind wasn't helping at all. There were two fire fighting 'planes as well as a wonderful helicopter.

The fire was started from the belt off a water pump becoming too hot and shredding rubber.

Thankfully we didn't make to the national news, no one was killed or injured; all the houses survived and a few sheds were burnt.

Thanks to the local firefighters and those from surrounding districts who came to help. It ended up being an all nighter, and thanks to them there was a good outcome.

After standing in at the end of the driveway and watching the flames and smoke from a distance, I decided that I will create an emergency box with all our pertinent documents ready to go. I will not stay to save our house. The fire if it had have continued on its journey it would've burnt our town, there was only a short tract of land before it could have started on an uphill journey and then down the other side and hit the town. I think there will be some serious thinking happening hereabouts about what people will do in the event of a fire.

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Ali Honey said...

That sounds a bit scary; knowing what is happening in othere parts of OZ. Glad you and your property are safe.