Friday, 6 March 2009

There are a few things that have changed around here
The before photo and ........

the after photo. All in preparation of the first day of school.

The middle Sweetie, now named the Hostel Boy. Doesn't he look gorgeous? I asked for him to put on his school uniform so that I could take this. He now sleeps four nights a week at a residential college attached to a Senior High School ~90kms from here. Still gorgeous and lovely, just a bit further away than normal.

When we were at Two Peoples Bay here is what came out of the underbrush to share our lunch. Superb creature who was very focused on what we were eating and he didn't get any. We ate it all.

Sitting on the foreshore at Albany's Princess Royal Harbour, this was our view one night. It was a magical sight, somewhat lessened in this photo.

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meggie said...

The lizard looks quite formidable in the photo!