Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The Experimental Plot

Somewhere at the start of this month I spoke about an experiment that I was doing for Tech, well it has started. The plot that I picked is in some pretty hard ground, so with a bit of tap water and some very welcome rain this was dug up

to look like this
I had to add some sand in the two inorgainc plots as it really was soil with attitude.

Eventually I planted it with vegetables and then it looked like this.

Yesterday I went out and besides planting broad beans, I also blood and boned the organic plots. And what did you plant in the plots I hear you ask? Three of silver beet, red cabbage, and I think Chinese cabbage. I have not fertilised the inorganic plot yet as I'm waiting for the results to be copied of all the inorganic fertilisers that we measured. Last week I was getting so excited about an inorganic fertiliser that I had found, beautifully packaged with bright orange surrounds and purple flowers and a touch of yellow. Well the salt content is astronomical so it got very short shrift - but It LOOKED soooooooo good.

I also spread some blood and bone around the plots to discourage the rabbits that seem to be abounding at the moment. Lets hope it works or I'll be turning into Mr MacGrrrrregor of Peter Rabbit fame.

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