Tuesday, 12 June 2007


These chooks were walking along the road as we came along so they were snapped. Hopefully they belonged to someone and made their way back home. The sights you see.

Our overhead power pole was eaten out by those
wonderful fertilisers of the earth - termites -
so we have gone under ground. To stop our sweetie digging up the power line ( I swear his shovel has a pipe attracting beacon on it) we all came to the decision to place a path over the top. The rocks that are place so decorously at the side are out of the holes that are being dug for the fruit trees.

This is the latest in a long line of holes that will be
dug. By the end of the day it was as deep as we
wanted it and my oldest son and I were delighted to have removed so many rock out of it. About seventy years ago, this place was the site of Tannin Extracts Pty Ltd and our house was the office. So there are many and varied things that were buried in the ground, including
these rocks.

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