Friday, 8 June 2007

Life in the garden

Well if I tell you that life has been busy, you would all agree. Busy is what we have become. So I thought that I would show you some of the plants that I will be planting in my garden. For the next six months or so I am enrolled in a Horticulture course covering 10 subjects. There needs to be something else in my life besides quilting and family, something to has nothing to do with them, something to literally take me outside. I have always enjoyed plants and can remember asking my Dad if I could have a vegetable garden. The answer was negative, as at that stage everything was swinging towards Australian natives. So when I left home, I had a vegetable garden and have had a few through out my life. My Dad even has one now, which I love visiting so see what is happening. Yesterday, at Tech, we tested 10 fertilisers for pH and electrical conductivity. Very interesting, and it rocked us back on our heels. Part of the assessment for this course is a fertiliser trial. We have to, over a three month period, plant and maintain 4, 1 metre square plots growing 3 lettuce, broccoli, and sliver beet in each. The plots are control, inorganic, organic and combination of inorganic and organic. I'll be posting pictures. One of my friends did the same course, awhile ago, and said that the inorganic plot took off like a bomb, however two years after the experiment the only plot that has been sustainable has been the organic plot and she is still able to pick out of that plot. All will be revealed.

This is a quilt that I quilted for Dawn last year for
her Grand Daughter and it came up quite well. It had the full treatment, SID and every block having something quilted on it. It was a bit unsquare and now it is reasonably flat.

This is one of the views that we have on the way to and from school. In fact most of the views are like this. Very peaceful, very lovely and GREEN for a while

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