Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Hydroponics Visit & Weeks 1&2

Over a week ago the Hort group went to visit a hydroponic business called Hydroponics Express in Canning Vale here in West Australia. The smell of the strawberries was amazing - and our eyes popped out of our heads. So that is what we are going to grow here. The owner, a lovely woman called Deliah, said that they were 'sick of strawberries'. Oh what a problem. The bobtails (a lizard) eat ours - they lick them to find the ripest ones and they eat them. They also eat loquats and grapes if they are at ground level. Anyway we now have 40 strawberry plants waiting to be planted. I also have 15 raspberry plants looking for a home so I'll try them hydroponically as well.
Bananas too.

These are the lettuces we have started at Tech. There was a slight hiccup with our nutrient solution last week. The salt levels went through the roof and although they did come down somewhat with the addition of more water, they were still extremely high. This week's lesson will be very interesting just to see if they survived.

This was when they were first planted. They haven't grown much vegetatively, however as the photo below shows their roots are searching for food.

This is the root growth after two weeks just in water w/o nutrient. So even w/o nutrient they were growing albeit very hungry.

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