Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hydroponics Week 3

AMAZINGLY, the lettuce seedlings survived although a bit toxic looking and BIG. Replaced the water and did all the proper tests before we added the nutrient to the vat. We read the instructions and it said add 10ml of nutrient to 5l. So we did all the calculations and ...oh boy. This time we knew that the nutrient recommended would result in a salt level that was way too high, so we calculated accordingly and ended up adding 18ml of nutrients A & B and the result was pleasing. In our initial vat filling we added 90ml each of nutrient solution A & B. Apparently the lettuce are now at the stage that they are ready to eat. I'll take more photos and have a progressive series of photos tomorrow.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY - I thought that I would take a picture of a whole load of flowers, albeit a canola crop (rapeseed for those of you in the UK) and put it on this page for you.


meggie said...

I have learnt something new! I never knew that Rape was actually what we call Canola.
Your lettuce looks very interesting there, with no soil.

swooze said...

I love to see your experiments! What is the cure for the absentmindedness?? :D