Tuesday, 7 August 2007


I went to Spotlight and I shouldn't have. This is the result. It is for a project, just not an existing one or one that I am finishing. These are for a completely NEW one. It felt so good and the level of excitement was high.;-))))

I made Ali Honey's Apricot and Walnut(pecan) Loaf and it was delicious. The sweeties ate it in a day. Thankyou Ali.

It has come to my attention that some of my readers have very questionable minds - fancy suggesting that about an 80l storage bins. It's all about bladder control........... and being able to sprint to the house. Does wonders for my level of fitness. Next time I'll just use the lid.....as an umbrella.

The other morning was as cold as a witch's whatsit. The computer is in the room of the house where I used to have the quilting machine. If you heard a clattering it was my fingers dropping off onto the keyboard. I was wearing a coat, hat and scarf to write and the cold was seeping through my jeans and almost burning. I wore so many clothes when I worked in here in winter that it was hard to bend in the middle. Thankfully the donga has a reverse cycle thingy, which I don't use that often but just can make a difference when it is very hot and very cold.


Ali Honey said...

Glad you enjoyed the loaf. I made 2 as well and one is gone already.

Those fabrics look so lovely together - Great purchase I reckon.

meggie said...

The loaf does look yummy.
Love those fabrics, & had intended treating myself to a visit to a patchwork shop...
Life keeps denying me my rights!

swooze said...

Pretty fabrics! What will you make?

Recipe pleeeeeeeease.

Sarah Nopp said...

Ooo- that bread looks wonderful... Yummm... I am a bread hound. A baker in a past life actually. Can you share your recipe, or bits of the bread maybe???