Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Today I went to Wagin, a town that I passed through frequently when I lived in Katanning, half a life ago. It has changed and I think that the ram has been moved. What ram? The ram that was there and now I think is there. A big mother of some 4 tonnes, not a mere slip of a ram and with testicles in proportion so it would have taken some moving.
I also had to pass through Williams and I have liked their entrance statements so I took photos of the North and South entrances along the Albany Highway. There is a nice coffee shop, gallery, lunch place called the Woolshed so I stopped and had a delicious ice coffee and mango cheesecake. I typed that very quietly. A bit exhausted so I'm of to bed early tonight. Tech tomorrow so I'll have to be on the ball to take everything in.


meggie said...

I feel your exteme tiredness


Ali Honey said...

I managed to find William and Wagin in my atlas so know where you were, even though I have never been to WA.
I liked the Williams silhouttes of the family and windmill. That ram is certainly majestic.

Rosalind said...

Thought you might like the ram in our town :o)
Think that will reach it :o)

Off to check more of your blog!