Wednesday, 14 November 2007

FOQ 456 or it seems like it

Just some more eye candy from the FOQ

Well I'm back quilting and working to get all the tops to their respective owners before Christmas. My plans, this morning, have been postponed somewhat as I have 'lost' the backing that I washed for the two quilts that were to be done in the next couple of days. At the moment I am scratching my head in wonder as I remember washing them, hanging them on the line, watching them flap in the breeze and then folding them up when they were dry. The memory ends there at the moment. Tim, the hairiest sweetie, is watching me walk past things and then quickly turn and pick them up just in case they are tricking me and will suddenly appear somewhere where I have already looked. The next destination for my rather intensive, and yet haphazard searching, will be the donga - the place where all the quilting and swearing takes place on this property. The rules about swearing here are simple - it's either the shed or the donga. Tim doesn't swear very often and when he does we all know that it is REALLY bad. Anyway I am really 'pushing the envelope' and working CBD pace instead of my normal Darwin-in-the-wet-season pace. They took the girl out of Darwin, however they didn't take Darwin out to the girl. For all you out of Australia, Darwin in the wet season is a time of extreme humidity and temperatures in the low to mid 30s (Celsius) and of not moving very fast and drinking a lot. Mould grows on most things and fungal infections become very common. Even now I love humidity although I don't miss all the prickly heat rashes and the cracks behind the toes. It would rain at about 3 o'clock every day, fairly pelting down like stair rods and everything went 'aaaah'. The 'wet' was also a time when it wasn't safe to swim in the sea due to the sea wasps. I think their proper name is Portuguese man o' war. Great days.
I'll just run down the donga and see if those #$%^& backings have turned up.

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