Saturday, 17 November 2007

Hydroponic Strawberry Update

The 'before' picture.

The 'now' picture and we are eating lettuce with every meal. The Hairiest Sweetie mumbles something about 'not being a %^&* rabbit'. I just smile vacantly and serve him dinner.

We have moved them from their original location to a newer better spot and all automated with their own pump as opposed to the gravity feed that I used to have to do as many times a day as had the energy for. There are tiny little strawberries. Today I'm planting tomatoes, pumpkins (or punkins if you're my friend Robyn), capsicums, cucumbers, rockmelons, watermelons, basil, mizuna, rocket, spinach. That'll do me.

When I started I was going to use as many growing mediums as I could find, however the coir blocks have many difficulties soooooo I have bisbanded with that idea and decided to use a perlite/vermiculite mix to replace the the coir in the final two dutch leach trays.


meggie said...

Wow! fantastic!

corey said...

what kind of problems did you have with the coir blocks?

Harmany Quilting said...

I had to use a pH buffer on the coir blocks and then there was the waste at the end. I have decided that expanded clay is the way to go, chuck it in the pot, plant the plant and they start growing, with some solution of course.

Anonymous said...

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