Thursday, 15 November 2007

Stop Looking - I Found It

I have included some more pictures that are rather pretty.

Well after all the panic yesterday, re the quilt backings, I calmed down enough to take the washing in and there they were neatly folded and placed on the wire fence behind the washing line. As I said my last memory was of folding them up. I was pretty happy with myself after that although I was flummoxed with myself and felt that I was getting some early practice in for my dotage.

Yesterday was a day of hardly any quilting and much packing up of quilts to be sent to their owners. So the donga is looking much emptier.

The hydroponics set up is going along extremely well and we now have some strawberry flowers. The white fly moved in to the lettuce and set up their camp there and then just as they were becoming a major infestation the hover flies moved in and ate most of them. As I always say - calm down and wait, nature will take care of it. The birds are visiting the hydro as well so we might have to protect the strawberries from the birds, although I am loath to take this measure. One of the main reasons for growing strawberries hydroponically is to get them off
the ground so that the bobtail lizards don't eat them. They also like the locquats and grapes that we grow in the garden, and they are welcome to as many of those as they like, however strawberries.........well they are different. Maybe at the end of the season we might be tired of the strawberries, bring it on I say.

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meggie said...

I am glad you found your backings!
Lovely quilt pics, so pretty.
Is that yours on today's post.

I have often wondered how anyone could stand living in Darwin-- I know I could not survive in the humidity there! I suffer badly here on the Central Coast of NSW.
Wish I had a Donga I could retire to & swear!!