Sunday, 26 October 2008

Following the Happy Zombie fabric folding tutorial, I am attempting to turn this

into this.

It might be achievable. I am in serious mind that whenever I buy fabric (wash my mouth out with BLEACH! and all you Stashbusters out there didn't read that) I will wash and fold the fabric and immediately place it in the respective pile for it's colour or hysterics (historics). Sounds unlike me, however as the stash is scattered throughout the house and the donga (read studio) and in so many receptacles and places, I have trouble remembering where the particular fabric is. I can see it in my mind but have no idea where it is and I become so frustrated because I want it now. A life without this particular frustration would be blissful.

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Laurie said...

Recently I was given 7 trash bags of fabric... I am attempting to make order out of it and part of that is to wash most of it and refold it like you're doing. I am very slow ... then I'd like to integrate my fabric collection with the new...