Tuesday, 14 October 2008

When I took these photos the sun was quite high and much of the detail was lost, however I diligently went up and down the rows snapping each quilt. There were quilts in the hall, however the light was so abysmal that the flash would have had to be used and therefore flattened everything - I did take some pictures however I wasn't pleased with the result.
This is a lovely idea with the different quilts being made by different people, although I could quite happily shoot the sunbonnet sue. Let's just say that I didn't have a happy relationship with her when I was growing up.
These following photos are of the same quilt and the second one showing some detail. Apparently it was a round robin with people's favourite letterboxes that they had had over the years and the letters that came through them. A lovely idea.

There are six photos today - stuffed up so there is a bonus.


Margaret said...

Fields of Quilts, what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Your photos are looking good. Margaret
p.s. I am sure I get all the hard word verifications, I also buy the jars that the lids wont come off, in the Supermarket, the sun shines each day that's the bonus.

meggie said...

Margaret, I always join the shortest queue, & sure enough, Murphy stuffs it all up, & spend twice as long waiting! LOL

The quilts are lovely.. I like SBS but my daughter really dislikes her for some reason...even she is not sure why!

With the uploading of photos, I find it will take 5, which I upload, then I upload 5 more, & I write the text around them!