Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A while ago when things were younger, my family holidayed down in the south west of West Australia and I learnt to snorkel. I snorkeled a lot, whenever the opportunity. Hey, I even snorkeled in the family pool. I was very enamoured with snorkeling. Snorkeling has become a bit of a legend with the younger Sweeties and of course they wanted to snorkel. Soooooo they learnt to snorkel and as a bit of a reward, the Hairiest Sweetie and I took them to a place that I snorkeled and 'hunted' abalone. The Hairiest Sweetie had never been there, and to say that he was shocked with the length of time it took to walk there, is a bit of an understatement.

So the youngest Sweeties snorkeled in one of my favourite places, where the Indian Ocean is just over the other side of that reef and there are schools of fish and flocks of terns that don't budge, and cormorants that wash in the water right in front of you as you snorkel. The oldest youngest Sweetie was laughing through his snorkel with glee and the youngest Sweetie thought that the 'waves' were too high and 'really, what was so exciting'. Hey, at least I have one convert. Watching them snorkel was one of those 'aaahh' moments for me and I really wanted to be in there with them and next time I will, because it really is so grand under there where there are so many fish and other creatures. As I said 'I can feel a snorkel moment coming on'.

I had forgotten just how strong and rich the colours are.

The lights were out but there was somebody home.

The limestone cliffs where lots of birds nest.

In retrospect, I think that the reason that snorkeling is such a fantastic thing for me, is that it is just like all the swimming dreams that I have. Some people have flying dreams - I have swimming dreams. Like flying dreams, only better.

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Ali Honey said...

Wow! I have never seen a star fish that colour before.!