Friday, 3 October 2008

We went to two shows in two days. The first one was the Perth Royal Show and the younger Sweeties had a ball. I think that we were quite lucky in that there was a Australian Rules Football final on so the Show was quite quiet and side show alley was almost devoid of people so there was no queueing - not that we queued for anything. The Hairiest Sweetie and I had a cup of coffee and three doughnuts each. There were six in the bag and we didn't tell the boys about them.

I think that this might be my next Peugeot.

The second show was the annual Boddington Arts Council Field of Quilts. Probably smaller than last year, however there were some great quilts and the people as always were great.

I'll show some more quilts here over the next week or so for some eye candy. I've just realised that the Royal Show was a week ago and I'm only just writing this. The days are just packed.

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meggie said...

Love the field of quilts!!