Tuesday, 31 July 2007

PS too Busy

I tried to add these photos earlier however through the combination of me and Blogger it wouldn't work. Here they are again.
With regard to the Irish Star diamonds, Kathy and I have decided to swap 10 when we reach 100. Much fairer as Kathy ALWAYS finishes before me and so she would have to give me MORE of her diamonds. Talking of Kathy, who 'phoned today to tell me that her diamond total is ........... (drum roll) 96. Or something so damn close to 100 that we might as well call it 100. I have 76 and 42 in the process of being made. So that is ...... a lot. Over a 100. Just got to go down to the donga and sew the tackers. The picture above is of the 42 partially pieced diamonds. Do you know that it was raining so hard and for so long the other day that I got stuck at the donga. Busting to go to the toilet and STARVING. All the time I have been taking my umbrella - not so this time. I couldn't wait any longer so I emptied a storage bin of fabric and stuck that on my head. 80l storage bins not only store things, they can be used to stay out of the rain. Sounded nice - the rain hitting the bin as I was walking along.

I decided, as you know, to take part in the 365 Insanity Challenge of Leanne Beasley fame. So far so good. I have managed to write one every day since 13th July, nearly twenty days. I tried out the new Clover 6mm Fusible Bias Tape Maker. Worked really well once I reduced the temperature of the iron - I nearly burnt the thing to b****** - and so petite and pretty as well. I mean the tape that I made.
I have ordered the Clover YoYo makers in the various sizes. Why don't you make your own YoYo templates I hear you ask? I can make YoYos in my sleep and believe me I have. Three children in just over four years, I was at the coal face a lot and it wasn't pretty. Anyway they are now doing heart shaped YoYos. I am a sucker for a heart, so this week they should arrive and I will try them out and put them on my Insanity Challenge for you to have a look at.

That's it - a quilt top is calling me to 'come and quilt' and I'll piece more strips on those diamonds while I'm down there.......but don't tell Kathy.


Ali Honey said...

I think you are on a bit of a marathon too! Your progress looks good to me.

The quilting in the previous post is fabulous. Wow! It looks beautiful,quite beautiful!

mereth said...

When you said you couldn't wait any longer and emptied a storage bin I thought you were going to piddle in it!!! 80litres? No,that can't be right!! I was quite relieved to find you just stuck it on your head after all....

Supermom said...


I found your blog via a fellow quilter. Just wanted to let you know of a mini-quilt swap I am hosting. We'd love to have you if you are interested. The details are given at the blog link below. If it happens that you are not interested, I'd still appreciate if you could spread the word in the event some of your blog's readers might like to participate. Thanks!


meggie said...

I. like Mereth got the same idea about the bin. Was also relieved to read you had used it as a brolly of sorts! You have been very busy & productive!

swooze said...

I admire those keeping up with their 365 day quilts.