Friday, 12 October 2007

Field of Quilts IV

Another three quilts. Why am I doing them in little spurts? Firstly Blogger takes so long and secondly, my camera died so I'm using the backlog of photos that I took until I can buy another camera.

There was a hiccup with the operator, so now there are pictures of only two quilts. Sometimes Blogger really pushes my buttons. I really did push a button too many times and the picture went into the ether.

Poppies - I love poppies. I don't know why, I just always have. I grow them in my garden and so excited when they start to flower. The ones in the quilt look like the ones that we call Icelandic Poppies.

A close up of this one as the applique is raw edge and I thought that it made a simple star quilt into something special through complimentary colour and some creative quilting.

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meggie said...

I always like to see something different or pushing the boundaries. This one is lovely. I have been feasting here, on you previous posts!