Monday, 15 October 2007

Travelling in the School Holidays

We went to Wave Rock just outside the town of Hyden in West Australia. On the way we went through Crossman, Williams, Narrogin, Wickepin, Jitarning, Kulin onto Hyden and then Wave Rock. On the way home we went through Kondinin, Corrigin, Yealering, Pingelly and then Crossman and HOME.

I judged the quilts at Kulin for the Bush Races that were being held that weekend.

The Rock is totally and utterly awesome and we were just so delighted to be there. We explored every nook and cranny and discovered that there is a GOLF COURSE on the south side of the rock. Which is fine, however one of the tees has been set low down on the Rock. So I did my indignant chook (chicken) rendition to my oldest son, who has developed the glazed look really well after only a few months practice, about taking away from the rock, and need I say more. Well I did, but it didn't get me anywhere. I also discussed the golf tee with the oldest Sweetie, when we were back home, and he said (wait for it) that some of the aura of the rock had now been given to the golf course. I had the glazed look then. !@#$$%%^

Henry had always wanted to 'surf' the wave. Unfortunately I have downloaded the wrong photo. Just pretend that he is there 'surfing'.


Ali Honey said...

I have seen photos of the rock and wave before when a friend visited there. Isn't it just amazing!

The colours in the quilt at the front ( on the right )are just so bright. It really appeals to me, especially the use of red.

Did you enjoy the judging process?

Helen said...

Haven't been to Wave Rock since I was about 10! Its part of a golf course??! Quilt Judging looks like fun. :)

meggie said...

Just been enjoying your last few posts. I love to see all the quilts! Yours are lovely & you have been busy.
I dont think I would like to have to be a judge!