Friday, 12 October 2007

Field Of Quilts V

Another taste of the FOQ. This quilt was rather pretty and the applique was well done.

This was a quilt that I made a while ago and quilted it one my shortarm quilting machine. It is a photo quilt that I made for Roland, the middle sweetie. There are some great photos on it - gee he was a lovely toddler and he has continued it through. I'm a little biased as you can guess.
This was the one that was meant to be in the previous post. I don't know if the maker made it out of scraps, however it would be a great pattern that could use those strips up quickly.

Blogless Kathy came down on a bus with another 11 quilters. I know so many Kathys, and the two favourites are known as Kathy Here and Kathy There. Blogless Kathy is Kathy There. I treated all the Sweeties to lunch at the FOQ - it was just great to see them and for them to wander round the quilts and see some of our family quilts hanging up in the fresh air. Anyway there I was sitting selling the food vouchers to all and sundry, I had already had a chat with Kathy There, and the middle Sweetie comes running up with great excitement and says 'Kathy There's HERE'. It was great to see her in the flesh and have a natter and a little walk around the stalls and some of the quilts. All too soon Kathy was on the bus and on her way home.

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Ali Honey said...

I can tell you also need a third Kathy.....a Kathy Everywhere!

Some really lovely quilts on display there. I liked the idea of adding the raw edged flowers to the stars it gave it a whole different look.

Thanks for showing us the quilts.