Sunday, 20 January 2008

Bathroom Saga

It is with great delight that I finished the bathroom yesterday afternoon. This is the wee beastie that helped me do it. I was lent a tile cutter (known as #$%^&) and there was no way that it would cut/snap them properly so this is what I hired and there was no angst. So much so - I want one - I think that it is just the accessory a girl needs.

Ta dah!

Blogger is a bugger today. Oh well, at least you get the pictures.


meggie said...

Oh I love those tiles!! Well done, it is fabulous.
I wonder if I take to mine with a hammer, could we ... nah what am I thinking!

Ali Honey said...

Well Done - that's quite an achievemnet!

swooze said...

Nice job!