Thursday, 17 January 2008

Hoon Laws

Are there hoon laws for painting yet? Well in our house there should be. I LOVE painting and yes I was able to do some painting and turn the shower from this ........(see left)

into looking like this.

Bliss and I managed to paint myself and other surfaces that didn't need it. So I achieved my goal. Fortunately I have a history of great painting enthusiasm that isn't combined with any degree of control or technique.

It's just sooo much fun. So I'm in the middle of tiling the shower recess. I tiled the basin bench a couple of weeks ago (see below) and enjoyed myself tremendously. I just did the bench as the hairiest Sweetie tiled the splashback awhile ago.

The tiling is taking much longer than God took to create heaven and hell. Part of it is due to the fact that the tiles are on point. As you are all quilters reading this, you know what I mean when I say that. With them being on point there is much cutting and wastage, however the effect is great and exactly what I wanted. So I am waiting, waiting for a tile saw (to be made) to come in from another branch of the hire place that I am trying very hard to hire the wretched thing from. Two days ago they said that it would be here yesterday and when I arrived yesterday they said today. $%^&*(. Lots of cerebral swearing, you get the picture.

The youngest sweeties and I combined our efforts to create the mosiacy tiles and they break up the starkness of the white really well. All in all, besides REALLY hanging out to have a shower, and that goes for the prepubescent sweeties as well, we are really delighted how things are progressing.

Oh my word - the tile cutter is here and I'm off for some as much fun as one could have standing up.

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anne bebbington said...

My husband did the bathroom in our old house wth white tiles on point - I loved it - he called it all the names imaginable under the sun but it worked out beautifully - well done for persevering. Yours will be gorgeous