Wednesday, 30 January 2008

This and That

Friends are such a great inspiration - here is 96 x 2.5" strips ~ 20" long to make a scrappy bargello. See Bonnie Hunter's blog here. I have cut 2 sets and Blogless Kathy has cut another 2 sets of 96 and we will swap. Kathy is such a bright young thing and it reflects in her choice of fabric - I just hope that mine are bright enough. There are some favourites there for you Kathy - you can probably see some if you look hard. ;-)))))Bonnie has such a fantastic blog and webpage - many of her patterns are focused on using up not only your stash, but all those scraps. There is no excuse to throw them away now - Bonnie has a way of using up everything.

We have been camping and fishing and swimming. A new law was created. It is called the Hoon Vacuum Law. Always when we go camping there will be a hoon element present - they are everywhere and more than likely are some mothers' sons. Although don't quote me on that. Well someone has to give birth to them. So the first night we were sitting around after eating, we had just come back from a 4km swim and were tired, and the younger Sweeties reckoned that the hoons were up to something as they kept on seeing flashes coming from the Hoon Camp, I suggested that it was the flash off a mobile 'phone. No, the Sweeties were adamant that there was something going on. Anyway we all went to bed, as per usual I fell asleep before the boys and they were awake for some time. In the morning they told me that the hoons had been lighting the squirtings out of an aerosol can and that the hoons were leaving that morning. I said I was sorry that they had to see the antics that had occurred and also did they know about the Hoon Vacuum Law. They said that they had no idea what I was taking about. I explained the law as such that when one group of Hoons left an area, a vacuum would be created and that another group would come and take their place. They treated my ground breaking statement with derision and thought that I was really taking the mickey out of them. However when another group of Hoons arrived and camped in EXACTLY the same spot as the first group, their eyes were round with wonder when they turned to me and asked how did I know. Hmm.

Over the Australia Day weekend we were very lucky to go and stay with Blogless Kathy. Her family go to the Sky Show in Perth to see the fireworks and so we went too. This helicopter is one of those ones that they use to pick up water and dump it on fires.

So here we are at home with the 27 frogs, 50 gazillion tadpoles (the frogs have been busy AGAIN) and the two goannas that have taken up residence in the backyard to eat the frogs. Its a goanna eat frog world out there.


meggie said...

I love that pic of the boys at the table.
Also love the frog sneaking a peek there. How do you sleep around the croaking? We had a frog came to visit our g'daughter's little pool, & it croaked all night for a mate. Gom couldnt sleep, & he emptied the pool! What did I tell you- he is one Grumpy Old Man!

Harmany Quilting said...

Your GOM would be beside himself as the frog chorus here is a constant background noise, as is the rooster crowing and the cicadas screeching. Who ever said the country was peaceful never lived here.