Saturday, 31 October 2009

I have quite a stack of hexagons made into grandmother's flowers; another stack that have been basted onto the card and a whole stack that have yet to be basted. I consolidated all that I have here decided that I needed to order around 7000 hexagons to finish off, sounds so flippant 7000, my great hexgon quilt. There have been times where I have thought of other things to make with those that I have already made - egg warmer, glasses case, table runner, doll's quilt - however I have to keep going and one day, sometime when I'm much older we will be able to sleep under it. All those little pieces of fabric from people who threw them out as they thought that the pieces were too small and there it will be. I'll hold that thought. Hmmmm ......... just had another thought, I hope that the younger Sweeties don't both want it. There's no way that I will be able to make another.


Kelly said...

I hear ya! I have about 7,000+ hexagons individually basted onto paper and ready to be made into a big quilt. The only thing stopping me (besides time) is the idea that I will have to remove all the paper after. Ick!!!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog today, me too, I used to buy a fat 1/4 each time we had a day out when the kids were small and then turn in into a flower for the quilt I was/am going to make one day. I have lots of flowers, just don`t have the strength to sit and put it all together.